Find That Switch On Button

You know it will be a tough one the moment you wake up on one of those days. You feel heavy, slow, not motivated even to get out of bed. Not to mention going to training.

We all have those days every now and then. Your body is like possessed by some unfriendly force. Your mind is also out of its regular zone. It feels like you are not that same person who only yesterday trained for 5h, out which every single minute was insanely intense. You are not the same person who only yesterday felt like there are no limits, like everything is possible. 

Today you are this lazy, bored and non-ambitious creature that lost its purpose. You don’t have the will for anything because you can’t really see the point. And you don’t understand this feeling and why it fulfils your whole being.

But here is one good thing. If you are wondering why this happened and you know something is not right, this is a great sign! It means that you actually care and that deep inside you want to change this situation you got stuck with. 

In addition, you should know that this happens to everyone, it is completely normal thing. We simply can’t be flying from excitement every single day when going for training, work or anything else for that matter. 

Anyways, let’s say you manage to fight through that first laziness and demotivated state. You get moving, you roll your body somehow to the tennis court. 

But still you feel horrible even when thinking about doing the proper warm up and then starting the intense 2h practice. 

What can you do? How in the world can you find that strength and energy to go through this, what it looks now, red dirt hell torture?

Well, no one can tell you the exact answers to these questions. But what I can do is to give you some direction in which you should approach this, at first sight, unsolvable situation. 

Start moving your lazy body. Get going. Get your muscles working. Get your blood pumping. Start sweating. 

This is first step and it’s a must! You have to get your body to start sweating! Then and only then we can proceed with our “mission”. 

Once you’ve noticed the first sweat drops down your frowned face, we have something to work with. Think of it as you got to the first floor of the 50-floor building and you are going to climb to the top. You did the tough part, you started the climb. 

Now you continue with the training, slowly getting into the familiar patterns, climbing the next few floors. Now we come to the key moment of our mission. We are reaching the point where we feel we can do all this, we can finish the training, we can climb the building, but we know that the level of intensity we have is not as high as we know it should be. We know that if we continue like this, it will be just a mediocre training, with no special feeling at the end, with nothing to be proud of, and consequently, with no big improvements of our skills or fitness level. 

We need to break the ice. We need to jump into ice-cold water and start swimming as fast as we can otherwise we will freeze. The more lazy you get on the tennis court, the tougher the training will be, both mentally and physically. 

So how we do this? You find that switch! You find the reason why you started playing tennis in the first place. You find out why you love this sport so much. You think of someone you love the most. You think of all those amazing moments you had and you will have while playing tennis. That moment when you win a tough, important match. That moment when you lose a thriller match. The moments you feel as alive as you can be. The moments when you feel so many emotions that you could explode. 

There you go. If you don’t have goosebumps right now, you need to dig deeper. But this is the way to do it. Find the reason. Find your why. Why you do all this? 

Then, I guarantee you, once you figure it out, you will have the moment of magic. You will not just raise the level of your footwork, but you will elevate yourself mentally so much that you will feel that limitless feeling. You will feel that you are getting “in the zone”. You will feel that everything changed and became effortless. 

And without even noticing it, suddenly from floor 10 you reached floor 50. And guess what? Now you want more. You don’t want to stop there. 

All you need to do is to find that switch. Find that button. Find that line. Then turn that switch on. Or push that button. Or cross that line. Then you will not only think that you are limitless, you will feel it and believe it.


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