Foundation For Your Confidence

You are stepping on the court for your big match and you feel that excitement boiling inside of you. You literally can not wait to put your bag at the bench, take your racquet and start playing. 

You are so ready and so well prepared that in your clear and focused mind there is no space for even tiniest doubts. As you are walking towards that baseline to start playing, you feel the adrenaline rush and you feel like you are about to take off and start flying. Your body becomes electric and as soon as you hit that first serve or return, seems like your body gets possessed by some unknown, superhuman force. You turn into a tennis machine that can never run out of gas. 

You trust your body so much. As a matter of fact, you trust your every single muscle from toes to head. You know how much you worked to get prepared and you can feel it now more than ever. 

When serving, you feel like you hit the ball from the third floor. When returning you are faster than the light. When moving from one shot to another you are floating above the court and it feels like to don’t spend any energy. When running to the net, court seems like you are playing table tennis. 

During change overs, you get nervous to sit so long and you start doing tap dancing while sitting on your bench. You sprint to your side before your opponent is even thinking to get up. 

You may have your good day or not. You may be hitting  your blasting forehand winners, nailing aces in all possible directions, making drop shots that come back to your side. But you may also hitting frames all struggling with your backhand or second serves. This part you can not control. 

But one thing you are always in control of. ALWAYS. And this is how well you are physically prepared. How good your body feels on the court. How light you feel. How fast and agile you feel. How strong and endurable you feel. 

This is the feeling that you can build by yourself no matter what are the circumstances around you. No matter what outside factors play against you. No matter what kind of variables are thrown at you. You control it and you, only you, are responsible to make it happen. 

The feeling of being ultimately physically prepared. This is something basic but it is also a factor that can play a huge role in your confidence. It is the fundamental part in the process of becoming a great athlete and yet it is still so often taken for granted. 

Think about it. The most successful athletes and different sports’ experts claim that confidence is the most important and valuable asset of a champion, And being extremely well physically prepared is the foundation of an athlete’s confidence. And for this, you are in control. You in charge of your own confidence. 

So it’s quite simple. You just have to make that choice. Are you going to miss that opportunity of getting ready and just surrender under stronger  and more prepared opponent? Or are you going to own it and do every single thing that is in your control to get that powerful feeling on the court and skyrocket your confidence?

The choice is yours! 


Kristian doing his thing

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