Go After Your Tennis Dreams!

Recent years I’ve been working as a tennis coach in various settings and conditions. Mainly high performance juniors but also many club players. What I found out is that I can’t really do something that doesn’t gets me going. That doesn’t give me that drive.

Coaching motivated juniors is okay. I like that. I like to see passionate and hungry teenagers ready to go for it. Ready to go all in. This was me when I was their age. Then I can identify with them and help them on that path the best that I can. Share all my knowledge and experiences with them. Motivate them to go after their dreams! Make them believe that one day, if they work really, really, really hard, they can become world top tennis players.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of dreams about me playing matches again. Playing all kinds of tournaments. Many times my opponent was Novak Djokovic (with whom I played many times as a junior), and of course the matches would be very interesting: close scores, big stadiums or even some unusual courts such as one where we played in the middle of the forest, between the trees. Anyways, the point is clear: I miss playing a lot. I miss it so much that I basically don’t have any other dreams. Literally speaking.

I am almost 32 now and I don’t have much time left. Time for playing on highest level. I know I can’t become world top player now. But I can definitely still compete and enjoy that priceless moment when you win a match after 3h of battle. Or experience that heavy moment when you lose the match. I actually miss that too. This is what makes you feel alive.

So this year I decided to come back! When and where exactly?

Soon on this topic again…

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