Having The Patience And Loving The Process

You are crawling to bed after a very long day. You had two exhausting tennis practices and an intense fitness session. Your full body is hurting and you know that in the morning it will be even worse. 

Of course the morning comes sooner than you expect. Alarm wakes you up from, how it seems, uncomfortable sleep. The same process all over again. The toughest part is to actually get into it completely every single day.

And there goes a week. You have Sunday off. Relaxing time with your friends. One more short sleep and new week again. You somehow hustle through it again but your intensity and focus somewhat varied from day to day. 

Now you are couple of weeks into the training season. You have some local tournament that in your eyes will be an indicator of how hard you worked. You think that you gave it all in and and that you improved a lot. You must have improved. You deserved it. You believe that in this period of few weeks your game got to the new level. You expect that this improvement is so drastic that it will show off itself in this tournament. 

You lose in the first round to the player you should beat. You want to quit tennis. You lose any desire to pick up the tennis racquet again because you see no purpose. You see no point. Why all this grinding for few weeks? Why waking up so early and going to the bed in pain every night for weeks?

I am sure that every single player on this planet can relate to this story. Everybody had this moments! Now the point is to wake up from this state of being so impatient and to understand that raising your game to the next level will take much longer time. Also it’s very important to understand that other guys are working hard too and they are also improving their game consistently. So you need to work even harder and to have more patience!  

Winning is a process! The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will start winning! You have to accept it. There is no magic. There is no luck. It’s about doing many small things consistently and in the correct way for many, many years.

I am amazed how some players expect to play on certain level without putting in time and effort daily! One junior player asked me, “How come you play like that when we play points? Why I can’t play now like that?” Here is the catch! “NOW”! Well my NOW is actually after 23+ years of complete dedication to this sport! IN & OUT!

Again, it’s the process! And for the process to take its effects it takes time. This is called PATIENCE!

Young players nowadays are lacking the patience the most! They are used to this new fast paced world, where everything happens in an instant. Well, not in sports. Particularly not in tennis! As soon as you junior players deeply and truly understand this message, you will start winning!

It’s the long term game in which the ones who have the most patience and who are obsessed with the process and love it the most are the ones who will become the champions.

Kristian during his match

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