Before sleep, during sleep and first thing when you wake up. Thing that you are obsessed with. You dream about it when awake and when asleep.

Evening. You lay down in bed after extremely long day. Dead tired. Body hurts. Every single muscle hurts. But you can’t fall asleep because you can’t wake to wake up the next morning and grind again.

You are obsessed with it. You keep imagining it, all the time. Tournaments. Matches. Fight. Grind. Pressure. Feeling of freedom. Nothing else matters.

Having a lesson with 11 years old boy. Hitting with him but in imagination playing a match on a Tour. Hitting the ball with 10% power but in imagination hitting the heaviest forehand ever against some Spanish player at the clay court.

Serving to 13 years old girl your 5th serve but in imagination it’s a 200 km/h bomb in a match for ATP points. You are a coach in a lesson, but in your mind you are in the zone. You don’t hear kids screaming on the side court. You are alone. Doing your thing. And time flies.

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